martes, 26 de agosto de 2014

Fix to "Please Install Apple Application Support".

So you found Apple Application support to be an unnecessary program and proceeded to uninstall it just to be greeted by this message the next time you tried to run QuickTime:

Now how do you install back that component?
If you tried "Repairing" the quicktime install you noticed that it didn't work.
Downloading the installer and trying to repair from there didn't work either.

What to do?
Decompress the installer and manually install the Apple Application Support.
- Open an archiver like 7-zip (download for free from
- Find the quicktime installer then right click the file and choose >7-zip >Open Archive

On the archive, double click "AppleApplicationSupport.msi" to run the installer.

Click next, next, install, finish.

That should do it. Now the abortion of a player that is QuickTime should run.

Funny fact, You see the bars at the bottom right corner of the player that seem to move in rythm with the audio? Apple calls "Graphic Equalizer" to those bars that are evidently a spectrum analyzer.

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